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About us

“Juice Bar” is its own brand ‘Quick Service Restuarant Model’ first ever started and established on 5th October 2018 in Palace Compound, Agartala, West Tripura. Now represents as a “Prime Outlet”; serves 100% real fruit Juices, Smoothies, Lassi, slush and some healthy Snacks and we are based on the “Zero Waste” revolution. In the entire north-east of India, “Juice Bar” is the one & only outlet serving more than 162 types of beverages. We raise the quote “Think for your health” for awareness in society.

Juice Bar never uses any preservatives, it's gluten-free and organic when possible, nothing pre-processed and nothing yucky. JB are truly delighted to create great-tasting, super-nutritious, healthy Juices, Smoothies, Slush and Foods.

Juice Bar is now running into a “Zero Waste” policy, in this policy we never throw our waste seed, skin, rind, and pomace. This is not waste for us, we actually “Vermicompost”, which takes hardly 45-60 days, with fair sources of potential bioactive compounds that can be used as substrates for phenolic antioxidants, organic acids, enzymes, and adsorbents and for biofertilizer production.

On 20.03.23 we inaugurated our first “Franchisee Outlet” at M.B.Tilla market with a 220 sq. ft. area with some Senior Citizens from “Pensioner Awaas, Ashray”. In future, we think of more expansion within Tripura and outside our Tripura.

JB always takes competitive measures with big brands like KFC, DOMINOS and MAC’DONALDS as per their products’ quality control, representation and yes! Highly hygienic but at pocket-friendly prices. In that case, JB takes advantage of the high number of sales.

JB has minimised the table services to cater to the needs of various youngsters and working professionals, and the quick deliveries of nutritious food items which are an essential component for the working population. Increased urbanisation, modernisation and commercialisation do not leave time for working professionals and hence they rely on fast, healthy, tasty food for their meals. Juice Bar is the only one that provides nutritious fresh, fast food in a tasty way in the city. The availability of lower labour costs makes the city a favourable ground for the growth and development of JB.